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" After Two Decades of Practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine. I Simplified My Model of Care Into short 2 Months Mastery Mentorship Program." Dr. Mordy Levy, CEO, Mentor

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Interpret Complex Functional Lab Panels

Integrate Evidence Based Personalized Wellness

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Dr. Mordy Levy, CEO


  • Been Educating Doctors and Health Care Professionals For Over a Decade On How To Integrate Functional Medicine QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY So They Can Achieve Better Clinical Outcomes.
  • Consultant, Speaker and Author
  • Practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine for over 2 Decades.
  • Completed Three First Professional Degrees in Conventional Medicine (MD), Naturopathic Medicine (ND) and Chiropractic (DC)

Aaron Goldman, PhD

Scientific Board Advisor

  • DNA Labs, Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dr. Goldman earned his PhD in Molecular Genetics from Yale University and post-doctoral studies at the University of Toronto.
  • Dr. Goldman was the Director of Genomics Services at the University Health Network/Mount Sinai Hospital Clinical Genomics Centre in Toronto, a state-of-the-art, full service genomics technology facility that provides genomics services such as DNA sequencing and genotyping to the research community.
  • Dr. Goldman also served as the Research Program Director and co-founder of Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Office of Personalized Genomics and Innovative Medicine, which was established to facilitate the implementation of genomic discoveries into routine medical practice, and to ultimately improve the speed and precision of disease diagnostics and the quality of patient care.



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